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CELLAR - six strangers and a machine...

James wakes up in a small room with a naked bulb and a sink that doesn't work.

He's inside the facility. Remote, underground, isolated.

One of only six, he's been hired as part of an inexperienced skeleton crew. All of them are new to the job. And although each has a different reason for it, they've all chosen the isolation.

The base is dark, dank, and full of things that don't look like they should be there. And at the heart of it all is one machine, a glowing screen with a grid of numbers and two buttons. They're not told what it's for, only that it must be kept running, at all times of day, for a month. And that's it.

30 days of solitude, tasks, and other people.

Welcome to CELLAR.

CELLAR is a story-focused game that takes place over 30 days, lasting around eight hours of gameplay. Events, character movements and dialogue are all unique and carefully crafted for each day.

Gameplay is split between story events and carrying out a series of simple tasks, although many story events change gameplay in unconventional manners.

  • Submit daily reports on the PC
  • Pick some music from the CD collection
  • Take your turn on the machine
  • Hang out with the others
  • Feed the fish
  • Play piano duets
  • Wait for it all to be over

Take your time. The game won't start without you.

Updated 17 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorWilliam Rous
GenreInteractive Fiction, Adventure
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Dark, Godot, Mystery, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, Story Rich, Top-Down


Buy Now$5.99 USD or more

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Version 2

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i'm. really fucking struggling trying to use the machine. i wish it didn't force you to play so quickly. im on my first time using it and it's stuck in the red and i cannot get it to stay in the green for very long. when does this part end? i've been doing this quite a while so i know it doesn't just run out of time. do you have to fill the bar? or keep it in green for long enough?

it's very unfortunate that i feel like i can't get through this part, because i paid for this and the game looks very cool.

(1 edit)

Sorry to hear it - yeah, you have to keep it out of the red phase for about two minutes, so keeping it in the yellow is fine too. If you go into the red, it just pauses the timer until you get back into the green again.

Thanks for the feedback though, I might upload a patch later that makes it a bit easier. Let me know how you get on.

Edit: I've uploaded a patch that should make it easier and explain how it works a bit better.  It should be a lot easier to get out of the red now too.

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I think I prefer the old speed. Is it possible to make it an optional change?

I've been playing a few days in game each IRL night and haven't had any trouble finishing the machine section but it has been very intense. Tonight I wasn't even close to reaching red despite many errors.

It's not  a big deal though if the old speed was stopping other people from playing the game.

So I did eventually figure out a way to get back into the green (spamming z until it got there by itself lmao) and I did get way better at it over time, but there is still a weird discrepancy of me being way worse at the machine than the NPCs. I think having accessibility options/being able to edit the difficulty or whatever would be cool, but thank you for the quick reply! I hope my comment didn't come off as too negative haha. I'm going to leave an actual review when I finish the game.

Ah, interesting... It's a difficult thing to balance for sure. Thanks for the feedback. I've uploaded a new patch that should be a bit of a better middle ground.

I think I'll try to avoid difficulty options if I can, as the machine isn't really the main focus of the game anyway... I'd prefer to try and find a good difficulty balance, but it's always an option I guess. Hopefully the alarm making the bar decrease slower should help players who were struggling before.

Thanks for the comment.